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Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.8. We built one using four ten foot 2x10's with angle iron bolted to the bottom in v patterns. Has rear lights but will need wiring. Snowmobile hauling freight and Grooming trail. I picked up an Alipne and a groomer last year. Best part is it cost me less than ten bucks to make and if the pallet ever breaks or rots, you can get a new one for free. If approved, the snowmobile fund will only take a $70,000 hit in July. We also offer Medium and Heavy Duty Drags, as well as the Dominator Track Systems for 4×4 vehicles. This is because going over that snow for the first time is too challenging for fat bike riders. Good point about the width of the drag, I certainly don't want to wear my sno go out to soon. Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicles have four articulating tracks that provide the ultimate traction advantage in steep terrain & blizzard conditions while leaving a gentle footprint over snow covered ground. That money will come from the snowmobile fund. The groomer was made from plans in an older sled magazine, don't know which one. I write this post as a reprise to last year’s Redneck Trail Groomer Solution. It’s really that simple! A normal snowmobile groom on the Vasa pathway using the snowmobile and Ginzu or Tidd Tech takes about 4 1/2 to 5 hours using two snowmobiles in tandem. Atv trail groomer 5 ft wide and 15 ft long from hitch to wheels.front ski and rear plate are covered in teflon, for easy towing,has electric cylinders to adjust ski height and wheels for crossing roads/driveways. That looks great! FIG. My buddies have been going to this camp for many years and last year was my first. New. there were 2 blades that were staggered on each side to collect the snow. The Dead Horse Creek cuts the bush in two, and on either side, in a clearing, are man-made ponds. 03 mxz x 600 rev If I were to build this groomer again I would arrange the cutting blades as shown in the yellow groomer in the post above, I would add to keels to the side of the pan to keep it from sliding sideways on sidehills, and I would add lips around the pan so you can put weight or packed snow on top for added weight. Lynx are Scandinavian https://www.facebook...65350742?ref=hl. Slide 4 1. I plan on putting enough effort into it to be able to "easily adjust" for varying conditions as well as being fabricated fully of steel. Contact us at (608) 539-4600 I was worried that the front would dig and it would not pull well but it seems to work great. We have a mix of open space and forest, separated by a dyke that snakes its way through our yard. Saved by Bill Stannard. FIG. The better groomer operators understand the purpose and mechanics of grooming, along with the many variables – the better the quality of their trails will be. Lash together 3 smallish car tires together in a triangle. It’s picturesque. Compact the snow: Once the moguls have been eliminated and the snow is processed, the trail groomer must compact the snow to a hard, quick setting finish.Regardless of the model of Mogul Master, the packing pan is designed with high compaction in mind. The Tucker Sno-Cat® Revolutionary Articulating 4-Track System. then the last 2 feet we used a piece of sheet metal to make a pan to pack it. I go to a cabin in the winter that is only access by snowmobile. I did make a loop around the back yard last night and it seems to work well. The only thing I would change is to make it 4-6 inchs wider as its a little narrow when we us quads. See our line of products that make snow grooming easier and setting track an art. I know I'm going to be grooming varying conditions. We just want to get out and enjoy the snow, oh and of course, see the beautiful mountain and lake views. Snow grooming is the process of manipulating snow for recreational uses with a tractor, snowmobile, piste caterpillar, truck or snowcat towing specialized equipment. For my private trails, there isn't a drag that works better than an old set of bed springs that has the angle iron frame. Our property is gorgeous. The tongue is also connected to a length of threaded rod which goes through a vertical support in the center of the groomer. I do understand that different set ups work for different trail conditions but I have no idea what an adjustable drag set up would be? The angled front funnels snow downward to be compressed. I have searched the internet for plans for a basic one but no luck. The current design is the third generation (version 3) of our light duty snow groomer. then the last 2 feet we used a piece of sheet metal to make a pan to pack it. as some sort of little contribution to the camp and my buddies. Some additions I am making to it. I would really like to build this project. $800.00 It’s easy to do, refreshing. Several functions may not work. I think the basic premise of the design should be a configuration that cuts the top of the highs and deposits the snow into the lows that can be adjusted for the severity of the moguls and the snow compaction? not skate skiing) designed to be pulled behind my tracked XUV. I run a lap or two in scrape mode, depending on conditions and then flip it over and make another lap to smooth it out flat. I took a 10' length of 1/2" cable and put a crimping eyelet in the center for the hitch mount and an eyelet at each end of the cable to attatch to the side corners of the pallet by drilling a hole and attatching 2 bolts with large washers. we used 4 blades that stuck about 1/4" bellow the side rails. Resorts rely on snowcat brands such as; Plymouth, Prinoth, PistenBully, Bombardier, John Deere, and more. And to show my appreciation for inviting me up there. 3 is a top plan view of the snowmobile trail groomer shown in FIG. Owning snowcats and grooming equipment ensures that your ski resort will always have a smooth, enjoyable surface which will attract more guests. 7 Photo 1.7 – Examples of modern snowmobile trail grooming equipment. 97 formula z 583 Thanks for any input any and all have. It could also be pulled behind a snowmobile, although it weighs about 350 lbs, so yo… Good info so far, thank you. the way we did it was build a 4 foot wide frame that was 6 feet long. We use it to groom the race track for our race, The Grand Prix de Lincardine. With the angle iron on the bottom it really cuts and fills well. building/racing sleds krm 432 driver graham coombs ,brandon colgin ,brett burns #217 moto cross ,Pro stk dirt cars ,Ken Martin Driver, This is not recommended for shared computers. It is mounted about 12" below the leading edge and is 4' wide, so it runs the width of the pallet. If you have access to a welder I can post pictures of a simple lightweight grooming drag that enables you to raise or lower the cutters with a hand crank. Anyone out there have plans for one or at least decent pictures I could go by? Building on the legendary Ultimate Snow Groomer, Universal is making grooming snowmobile trails easier than ever! I really liked the "16 penny nail shear pin" on the hitch design, a must have in case you hook a stump. At the time I first published this, I had much optimism that the winter of 2016 was not yet over and snow would return. I've horse traded for an old frame of a military sled complete with hitch and is constructed out of heavy wall 2" square tubing. 09 mxz x 600 etec, i have built one and know a couple others that have built a couple over the years. Traditional Cross Country Ski Groomer: This is a steel cross-country ski groomer for setting a track for traditional x-country skiing (i.e. 12 volt jack lifts and lowers blade. 06 mxz x 600 rev It might look easy as you watch your local groomer tooling around on a snowmobile, creating great corduroy and straight tracks along the way. The Coeur d'Alene Snowmobile Club is an active over the snow user group that seeks adventure in the winter time. Here are the pics of the packer pan drag. Edited by Columbo, 19 September 2017 - 04:40 PM. And, if you follow my directions, you can be the envy of the neighbourhood by making your own groomer. Works great on our private trails, we pull it with a long track sled or a Polaris ranger on tracks. Some of our customers have been using ATV machines with various combinations of tracks and low-pressure tires, but these have Edited by MXZ600NUT, 20 September 2017 - 06:21 AM. I should mention that the 2x10's were on the light side and the angle iron was small (approx .75 inch) and heavy. From your posts I see angled steel within the groomer frame(moving the snow to the middle? Posted on November 27, 2020 We specialize in 4×6 foot thru 5×8 foot Light Duty Snow Trail Groomers for Snowmobile Club Trails, ATV / UTV Grooming, X Cross Country Skiing, Ski Resort, Dog Sledding and Private Country Club Trail Maintenance. I came across a few different ideas that way. I was skeptical this set up would work but could not be happier as it is cheap, easy to build, very very durable, pulls easy and grooms well. This works real well. Buy our 5 ft wide groomer for use behind most medium-size UTV’s with track-kits. Here is a shot of my groomer beind my Tundra. The places where it connects need to be free to pivot. The Best Grooming Machines: Selecting a Snowmobile Face it – the modern snowmobile is not optimally designed to pull a trail-grooming implement. Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks in advance for the responses! I will be using a Polaris 500 touring sled to pull the groomer. And, perfect for cross-country skiing, if you’re into that. snowmobile trail grooming in local areas, as well as the quality of the finished grooming product. 2 is a side elevation view of the snowmobile trail groomer shown in FIG. FIG. we used 4 blades that stuck about 1/4" bellow the side rails. I just need some ideas on where to start and what direction to go in. 54" wide and 10 ft long from pan to hitch. Page 1 of 3 - Ideas for DIY trail groomer - posted in Sledding - General Discussion: Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or plans for a DIY pull behind trail groomer. Thanks for the ideas and the pics. Since it is just for your trail, you could do what I did and use a wooden pallet. I just built one a couple weeks back and am waiting for enough snow to finally try it out. we made a v hitch at the front that was pivoted and used a spring slide to take some of the shock load off. You currently have javascript disabled. Walker Equipment Inc. offers snowmobile mini ultra trail groomers, grooming equipment and trail drags - formerly Charles Vogel Enterprises. 1. plugs and switches included.asking $2300 or best offer.please phone 506 858-8432 for info. Really good information and pictures here because it's true it's hard to find plans for small homemade drags on the internet (free). The actual work of grooming the snow … Your also right about fabricating with what we have on hand. I'm guessing that extra work and $$ in the shop would help eliminate extra grooming passes on the trail? we used 2 pieces of re bar to keep the back end straight when pulling I think it's 3'X6', about 80 lbs of steel. there were 2 blades that were staggered on each side to collect the snow. it all depends on how basic or advance you want and what you plan to pull it with But, in general, it is probably the best machine available for the money. Tidd Tech machines are the most versatile, cost effective snow grooming implements available. Especially in the Cross Country section there are a lot of images of drags. we used 2 pieces of re bar to keep the back end straight when pulling. The blade scrapes the snow and deposits the excess over the top ans onto the trail you just chopped. I then let the trail freeze up overnight and it is perfect. Does a decent job if you arent too serious about the whole thing. Needless to say after a couple of, days it gets pretty choppy. and other design variations but I have yet to discover what works and why. I go to a cabin in the winter that is only access by snowmobile. It didn’t. Works very well. December 2020. Has adjustable tension cutter blade and pivoting smoother pan. Plows,Trail Graders,Brush Cutters,LMC,Sur-Trac Marcel,Gilbert BR Bombi's Terra-Tuckers- Bombardier BR100 BR180 BR 160 i have built one and know a couple others that have built a couple over the years. is a great place to buy and sell used snowcats and grooming equipment. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or plans for a DIY pull behind trail groomer. 01 mxz 700 adrenaline I am starting to think about building a drag/groomer for maintaining a nice trail to our camp and from there to the fish shack. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Send 600 Ace a pm ,he makes that kind of stuff. They cut the bumps, fill with snow then drop them in the dips. Be careful not to tiptoe through life merely to arrive safely at death. Snowmobile Trail Groomer diy. Snow groomer for sale. Grooming almost always occurs with some sort of motorized vehicle like a snowmobile. The county is leasing a groomer this year, but plans to buy one for $120,000 in July (groomers aren't cheap either). 7. As you crank the handle the rod extends or shortens which raises or lowers the front of the groomer placing more weight on the cutters or more weight on the pan by actuating off the hitch. From our classic G2 Snow Groomers to the Snow Roller and Trail Tenderizers, our line of snow grooming products can help you set better track for cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and backcountry enthusiasts. I use it for our cabin trail, it works pretty well with no moving parts other than the hitch. 4 is an enlarged top plan view of a portion of the snowmobile trail groomer shown in FIG. I can’t take full credit for the de… No packing pans, but you could add one easily enough. old metal box spring with some weight on it what we do to smooth the camp roads from time to time. New and Used For sale Low cost snowmobile Club trail groomers Grooming Need parts? This is a pull type and weighs approximately 250 lbs. SnowTRAC Grooming Pool The Snowmachine Trail Grant Program uses Snowmachine registration fees to support a system of groomed Snowmachine trails in several regions of the state. The metal bar attaches to a recreational snow machine or Alpine. I have some pictures on my phone I will see if I can get them to post. I have some pictures on my phone I will see if I can get them to post. On one side of the 4'x4' pallet I mounted a piece of 3"x3" angle iron attatched with 4 bolts to use as a scraper. This threaded rod is threaded through this vertical support and has a handle at the other end. Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.8Licensed to: VerticalScope Inc. Works great for zero money or effort. This is not recommended for shared computers, Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.8. I work in a shop where we do welding and fabrication. With the ski design sensing height changes on the trail and reducing bounce and blade chatter, the Ultimate Snow Groomer Drag takes on the toughest snowmobile trails in the USA. Some more info would help immensely in my design. Edited by BCX, 19 September 2017 - 01:44 PM. A biased opinion, sure, but it really is. We made this one a while ago out of 1 1/2" pipe and leaf springs. Several functions may not work. I know I'll make it longer and maybe some wings to make it wider? Toll Free: 1-888-412-1722 • 715-479-4200 6351 Hwy 70 E • P.O. I made it to groom around our camp and will make the trails about 8' wide with it, depending on how many laps I take to groom. We will be pulling with my brothers vk540 until I can convince my wife we need a new wt or a decent alpine (my preference and speed). Interested to hear if anybody has done this. Want cheap and easy. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Needless to say after a couple of days it gets pretty choppy. More weight would not hurt once you have a well packed trail. The job, however, is quite complex, with the snowmobile pulling a 200-300 pound groomer with up to 1,500 pounds of pulling resistance created by the teeth or knives. Our club members ride all different levels, terrains and machines. It has applied for a $50,000 DNR grant to help offset the purchase price. I highly recommend it. Basically the tongue is connected to the groomer by a pivot at each side on the bottom. I was hoping someone could elaborate and educate me as to what the snowgroomer (single drag behind a snowmachine) needs to physically do the work efficiently without to many moving parts or to much fabrication. The grooming tractor should be of sufficient size and power to handle the grooming implement(s) that will be used to groom the trails, without being heavier or wider than what is really needed for the area to help keep operating costs down.

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