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Mawa barfi is a classic and most relished Indian fudge prepared easily with mawa. You need just 6 ingredients and 20 minutes for this sweet. Share. Cook Time. It makes the best burfi ever. To make Besan Mawa Burfi at home follow the detailed step by step recipe with photos posted below. Instant Mawa Burfi - Grace any special occasion with quick and easy burfi made with just two main ingredients - Mawa and Sugar. Barfi is a milk based fudge that can be soft or hard. Great recipe for Khoya burfi. Making homemade khoya does take time and patience, and since I have little of either I took a leap of faith one night as I was getting dinner ready for the kids. After some Google searching and much experimenting, kudos to the recipes out there especially this one from Ruchi’s Kitchen, in the end I was shocked it was so easy. 5(1) 0. Last year one of my relative was asking me for the recipe of dodha burfi, which she tasted in Haldiram’s Sweet box. Vasuyavana 5 minutes. This recipe is too simple and so quick to make. Barfi is a signature Indian mithai made for navratri, diwali, ganesh chaturti etc. I made it for my in-laws and iske liye sabhi ne meri bhot tarif ki tthi. Khoya barfi is very basic and easy recipe for festivity. Easy khoya recipes to use up and make sweets for Diwali. You can make it 3-4 days before Diwali and store in air tight container. November 4, 2015 By Aarthi 1 Comment. The bottom layer is plain khoya barfi while the top layer is cocoa-flavored chocolate burfi. Print. Home / Recipes / Khoya burfi. Jaggery will lend a deep rich dark brown color to dodha burfi. Do not leave khoya unattended at any time during the entire cooking process. You need very basic ingredients for this mango burfi recipe, mawa being an important one since it forms the base of this fudge. While we all prefer to buy it from outside, this time you can learn how to make it at home and impress your family with this festive recipe. Chocolate burfi is one of the easy and delicious sweet recipes for Diwali. There are many different varieties in the barfi. Easy to make quick khoya barfi recipe in 15 minutes. Quick sweet recipe. See recipes for Freshly Coconut Khoya burfi, Coconut khoya burfi too. It is a very easy recipe. #mother'sday Maa se shikee ek or recipe. Easy Diwali Burfi/barfi or fudge recipes collection which you can make in jiffy for Diwali/Deepavali without much hassle. Recipe Tags. Few of my friend asked me to post some Diwali sweets recipes. Share. Indian sweet made from milk solid. Khoya burfi| Mawa burfi |Punjabi dodha Burfi is a very tasty Indian Sweet. One of Vj’s friend here always buys sweets from Shree Mithai when he visits Chennai for us.There will be kesar burfi for sure. Votes: 1 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! A perfect way to enjoy festive delicacy! share this. Sweets are an integral part of celebrations like navratri, Diwali. Thanku so much my dear mom 15 minutes. This chocolate barfi is made from khoya, sugar, milk and cocoa powder. ABOUT Khoya burfi RECIPE. Khoya burfi is so creamy, delicious and just melts in a mouth. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Instant burfi made with mawa (dried form of evaporated milk) and sugar. Prep Time: 5 minutes: Cook Time: 20 minutes: We can make burfi or barfi with lot of ingredients like besan burfi, khoya burfi, dry fruits burfi, maida burfi, chocolate burfi, nariyal (coconut) burfi, badam burfi, kesar burfi and many more. Khoya Burfi. Khoya burfi Dec-22-2017. This dessert is in huge demand during the festive season. I wanted to make a melt in mouth milk burfi recipe for quite a long time and finally i made it. 282. So again I tried using store bought khoya and followed the same recipe but did not add milk, as my mom told, it might reduce the self life and the result was awesome and I was so happy. SWEET SYRUP! Khoya Burfi Recipe; Difficulty: Easy Rating: 7.7 / 10 (17 votes) Recipe Type: Veg. Besan Khoya Burfi Recipe – Mawa Besan Barfi Recipe – Gram Flour Fudge Recipe – Easy Diwali Sweets. Actually this burfi I tried long before using this recipe here, and used home made khoya.But it didn’t turn out well. This is very easy and simple recipe. Chocolate burfi recipe - two layered burfi recipe. So I thought of posting khoya barfi or mawa barfi. Step by step pictures recipe. If you omit the toppings this recipe is actually made with just two ingredients … share this. This two layered sweet looks so good on the table, tastes wonderful and makes for an excellent diwali gift. Veg; Easy; Festive; Indian; Basic recipe; Dessert; Ingredients Serving: 5 . Traditionally, sugar syrup is added to dodha burfi recipe, but I decided jaggery instead of sugar. In the microwave, place a corning ware dish with 1 stick of butter and melt it for 1 minute. Remove, then add all the ingredients and mix it with the melted butter. This is one of my favourite. When she told me, I had no clue about its taste and texture. 4. Easy Khoya Burfi Recipe / Mawa Barfi Recipe / Kesar Burfi Recipe. Khoya kesar burfi, khoya burfi with saffron. This Khoya Burfi recipe is from that store, though the guy who made is no more, nor is my father but the memories are so beautiful that I would cherish them for as long as my heart beats. Serves. Roasted khoya adds a delicious flavor and a pleasantly grainy texture to this burfi. Print Recipe. You may also like my previous dessert posts raabdi recipe, khoya rolls, bread crumbs laddu, malai ladoo and kalakand. Read Instructions Save For Later. 73 homemade recipes for khoya burfi from the biggest global cooking community! Mere husband ko bhi bhot pasand aai yeah recipe. Coconut Khoya Burfi Recipe – Nariyal Ki Barfi With Khoya I must thank my reader friend Harini for requesting me to try Chennai Ganga sweets shop style coconut burfi with khoya ( Thengai burfi in Tamil, Nariyal Ki burfi in Hindi). Kaju khoya burfi is a favourite dessert of many people in India. There are many popular Indian barfi recipes like coconut barfi, badam burfi , kaju burfi , pista badam burfi , dodha burfi etc. Here is how to make best khoya chocolate burfi recipe Mawa burfi will be fresh for few days. This besan khoya barfi does not have as long a shelf life as its closest peer besan ladoo due to used of mawa or khoya, but still can be stored for 2-3 weeks. May 20, 2015 By Aarthi 2 Comments. Easy khoya barfi which can be made in just 10 minutes. You will easily find it in all Indian grocery stores either in the solid form in the freezer section or in the form of powder. Mango Burfi Recipe With Khoya; MANGO BURFI INGREDIENTS. Prep Time. 5 People. If you need white Khoya Burfi Recipe you can leave it as it is or else you can give a rich touch by adding Kesar or saffron strands. I remember eating this in assorted Sweet boxes. Burfi is also spelled as barfi or burfee. Khoya burfi is a traditional Indian mithai or sweet dish recipe with creamy rich khoya sweetened and then flavoured with badam, elaichi and served garnished with pista shavings. How to Make Khoya Burfi.

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